"Snow sculpture trading cards" or campaign lit - you decide.

A message from Harry's campaign Chairman, Mike Jaros:


Dear Friend,

After thirty years of pouring his heart, soul and personal finances into the Duluth Schools Harry’s ready to pour more into them. He’s also trying to raise a little money for the Duluth Public Schools Endowment Fund which gives our teachers grants to experiment in their classrooms.

As an enticement for a donation to the Welty for School Board campaign we’re offering a deck of fifty “trading cards” of Harry’s snow sculptures. He’ll be passing cards out one card per household as he goes door-to-door but you may know someone who might like a full set of 50 snow sculpture trading cards in their Christmas stocking or for Hanukkah. If so, we’ll send you that deck for any contribution over $15. If you want multiple decks we’ll send more for additional $15 increments.

Just fill out the information below and enclose it with your check in the accompanying envelope:

How many card decks do you want at 1 set per $15 donation?* _________
*Minnesota state law limits individual donations to $500 per individual or $1,000 per couple.
Occupation and place of work are required for individual donations of $100 or more.



Address _________________________________________________________

City, state, zip ____________________________________________________

Phone number ______________________________ Email __________________________________

Make checks out to Welty for School Board. All revenue raised in 2017, over the cost of trading card production, will be donated to the Duluth Public Schools Endowment Fund.

Mike Jaros, Chairman,
Welty for School Board

If you wish to mail a check send it and the information requested above to:
 Harry Welty for School Board
2101 E 4th St.
Duluth, MN 55812.

or donate online:


Samples of the fifty trading cards:

 Any questions? Send them to: harrywelty@charter.net 




Harry recommends this post from his decade-old blog "lincolndemocrat.com" It begins:

Twenty years ago I regularly expressed concern about the long-term financial security of ISD 709. I used to call myself a "Cassandra." In 2010 I handed over that honorific to Loren Martell. Never would I have imagined that the Red Plan would plunge us into such a precarious situation that we would lose 30% of our students to neighboring school Districts, suffer a vast increase in our classroom sizes, and commit tens of millions of our general fund to paying off bank loans for new buildings.

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For additional information about Harry check his blog www.lincolndemocrat.com and type in terms that relate to the issues you are concerned about in its search engine.

Issues of concern to Harry Welty include:


Removal of crumb rubber tire mulch

Education, Education, Education. This category has over 700 separate posts.


Finally, for those who think being on the School Board is a thankless task:  https://youtu.be/RajG7Dliias


More about Harry

Harry is running for his fourth term on the Duluth School Board.

Harry began an online diary of his school board work to share his experience beginning in 1999.

Harry switched to blogging in 2006 at www.lincolndemocrat.com

Some of the 100 plus snow sculptures Harry has made can be viewed here.

Harry likes kids. He's only seven years old (Beware intense rhetoric)

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